Digital Asset Software
Basic Value Proposition

Our product is a blockchain ledger that allows governments and financial institutions to embark on this new journey of financial literacy. This software allows banks to trade any financial asset in real time without the need of a centralized software component. It allows banks to change from a centralized model to a distributed model for all internal record keeping and balance matching. This decreases costs, processing times, and risk of centralized attack. At the same time this also creates an avenue for banks to handle higher volume transactions.

The market strategy for this product is to target governments specifically for product adoption. Our team has a wealth of experience selling or brokering products and services at a government level. The 2 founders have also been on the ground in asia for the last 3 years fostering relationships and building out their network in this space.This affords itself to a variety of blockchain opportunities in different governmental and financial offices around the world.

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What We Provide
By Global Experts

WalletSocket is providing the software to power this technology. It is an all encompassing suite that provides both the balance keeping as well as the AML and KYC information for banking clients. This allows the banks to use our product for their own internal services (such as holding bank balances and transferring money between clients) as well as for governments to monitor interbank transactions (mediating transactions between financial institutions).

The best part about our software is that it can be moulded to a variety of different use cases beyond just traditional banking (eg. p2p loans, deeds, contracts, equities).

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Why WalletSocket

There are not many institutional grade escrow platforms. This is why you should choose ours.

Easy to Use

No technical skills required to use. All information is contained in contracts. If you can read a legal document, you can use this service.

Enhanced Security

All transactions are stored and backed up offline. Furthermore, the transactions can't be sent until you approve their transmission. No employee of ours can steal funds and no hackers can steal funds without your private key.

Easy Management

Every trade has its own portal. This allows you to keep track of each client and transaction independently without getting customer funds intermingled.

On Premise Support

We can provide support to walk you through each transaction over a video call or even have an in person agent be present for all transactions.

Multi-Use Platform

Don't need the platform? Pay for what you need! We offer subset features such as wallet testing or balance confirmations as an authorized third party.

White Labeling

Our entire service can be tailor made for your customers. Brand our platform as your own and take on accounts knowing you have one of the most secure cryptocurrency platforms on the planet.