Deep Cold Storage

Asset Storage

If you plan on housing assets or are in the business of advising others on storage, WalletSocket is your answer. South Asia's oldest deep cold storage platform has been operational in the region for over 5 years. Designed by ex intelligence officers and cybersecurity experts, this system has yet to have a breach to date. Our software is responsible for storing digital assets for both individuals, corporations, and other financial institutions.

You can chose to use the WalletSocket platform and have access to our vaults spanning 3 continents or whitelabel the software to run in your own enviornment. Regardless of your choice, you will be rest assured that your assets are behind some of the best storage processes in the industry.

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Satoshi As A Service

Fund Verification

In any deal, one of the biggest issues of contention is: Proof of Funds or Proof of Asset? Who shows what first? We have created a third party mechanism in which we securely verify funds in a wallet that allow a seller to prove to buyers they have funds without giving away wallet information. This allows sellers to have multiple agents trying to sell their assets but they only have to prove their funds once. With Us.

This mechanism allows a seller to only perform one Balance Test and allow the results to remain anonymous, while still providing a guarantee that the funds are controlled by a specific seller and that the balance is accurate at all times. Now, you can shop your coins to any buyers without giving out balance tests to every prospective buyer.

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Escrow Platform

Three Step Escrow Process

Verify the Balance

After matching a buyer and seller, you need to first make sure the seller (of the digital asset) actually owns the assets. Our built in S-Test (Balance Test Feature) allows you to verify that the seller has the coins they say they do.

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Create a Multi Signature Deposit

An address is automatically created where the seller deposits the digital asset. The money will stay locked and encrypted at that address until you are ready to send the transaction with your special key.

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Submit the Transaction

When it's time to release the crypto funds, you will contact one of our agents and we will manually release the funds for that transaction. We will not be able to do anything without your special key but you don't need to know any technical components to release the funds.

We will walk you through the entire 3 step process

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A Step by Step Platform

You will have full access to a platform for creating transactions and wallets. You can conduct all of your transactions with or without our support. Everything has intuitive helpers and video walkthroughs to help you get comfortable with the platform.

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In Person Support

At WalletSocket this is not an issue. We walk you through the entire process and will not release any digital assets without an expressed written consent on your behalf. From your perspective you can use the platform completely independently, or with 100% support from our side. If you are comfortable with digital assets, you can simply use the platform as is. If you have no idea what an e.g., decentralized security is, you can also participate on our platform through legal contracts. This basically allows us to manage the entire transaction on your behalf, and all you have to do is sign a document for the sending of funds. In essence, we become your custodian and act on your behalf for the digital side of a trade.

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MultiSignature Wallet

All deposits into our escrow service are done inside multisignature offline wallets. We have a variety of authorization methods depending on what level of security vs accessibility that you require. In a nutshell, all wallets are stored offline and each outgoing transaction is processed manually.

All Wallets that have value are never connected to the internet adding an additional layer of security. Furthermore, our signing keys are also stored and generated on machines that are never connected to the internet to even further protect your deposit

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